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Here at ONHOLD we provide music, standard and custom messaging for any business application.  From music and messaging for the on-hold feature of your KSU or PBX phone system, to music and custom messaging for your telephone answering device, voicemail or corporate marketing application – including multimedia products, trade shows and seminars – any application where professional voice-over or direct license music may be required.

Products (click title or image)

Direct-license music for on-hold in standard and custom lengths.
Standard salutation and close messages - non-custom, mixed with music for on-hold.
Customized message and music mix for play on-hold.
Existing archived messages and new music mixed for seasonal on-hold.
Custom messages for auto-attendant, voice mail or business answering machine.

Equipment (click title or image)

ONHOLD delivers recorded products on a wide variety of audio formats: from CD audio or audio file in WAV,  MP3 or M4A format to a variety of digital player file types and formats - including SmartMedia disk and USB products.

While clients generally purchase their own on-hold CD or MP3 player from a near-by home electronics dealer, when requested, we sell and ship a variety of digital player models from leading US manufacturers.  

Presently, for it's ease, versatility and low-price, we recommend the ProDigital line and the popular USB30 model (shown above.)

Services (click title or image)

When you purchase Custom products from us, our services include:
  • Professional ad-copy writing
  • Professional voice talent
  • Experienced engineering and mixing
  • Digital archiving of all recordings
  • Custom music library
  • Duplications 
For that unique advertising, custom radio-styled project, we offer:
  • Actors-dialect voice talent
  • Extensive sound effects library
  • Custom music production
And we offer foreign language translation and interpreter voice talent for your special project.

Samples (click title or image)

Here on the website, you can read or listen to samples of our almost 20 years of service to clients around the US.

Choose from:
  • Sample advertising copy
  • Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening and Holiday music samples
  • Custom music and message samples - by business type


Look here to find:
  • Equipment Installation Guide
  • Product Order Form
  • Ad-Copy Questionnaire