Installing your player system is fast and easy following this simple guide. (NOTE - you may wish to mount your player on the wall or tie your connections to existing trunks of wire - to create a clean and functional area.) Begin your connection from the bottom of the following diagram and work to the top.

If you are running a USB MP3 player, copy your MP3 file (sent to you from ONHOLD) to the player.  If using an audio CD player, place the ONHOLD on CD™ disk in your player.

Plug your AC or USB/AC adapter into the nearest electrical outlet. (MP3 players will need a USB AC adapter to keep the rechargable battery fully powered.) Plug your player into the adapter. Once the player is running on AC power:

Push the play button to start playback.

The player MUST be set in permanent "repeat mode." (Without this, it will play the selection one time and quit.)
To do this, find and push the mode/repeat button until the appropriate icon is showing. (The word "repeat" or a repeat sign/icon will appear in the LCD display.)

Connect an audio cable to the "headphone*" jack on the player and connect the opposite end to either:

  1. the MOH marked terminal on the punch-in block or 
  2. the MOH audio jack indicated on your KSU or PBX system.
         If you do not know where the MOH connection is made,
 refer to your equipment guidebook or contact your local
telecom/equipment seller/service to determine this location.

Call your office number from the nearest phone, having the call placed on hold. Using the player's volume control, select the playback volume for the best balance of loudness and clarity.  (Do not attempt to adjust volume using your phone station's monitor or external speaker as the resulting balance is not the same for on hold.) 

                *NOTE: Your program is recorded in stereo.  You may wish to use a Radio Shack, stereo to mono(cat.# 274-374)
adapter to mix two tracks of sound to a single, mono line out.