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      What we do!
In choosing ONHOLD as your provider for Custom on-hold music and message services, you begin a marketing and production process that encompasses a wide variety of experienced disciplines and associated services.


Whether meeting with you (local clients only) or by phone and email, our services begin by reviewing all your pertinent and available business and marketing information and developing a master list of message topic ideas for you to consider and select for ad-copy production.  To do this, we may request that you complete and submit our Client Questionnaire on-line.  The information you provide will aid us in better understanding your company and  business.  (See our Questionnaire, for more details.)

When applicable, this review and list will include your annual needs, specific to seasonal, stock-product or service changes.  Once we've discussed this overview of message ideas with you, we'll help refer you to the most cost-effective means to get the most message variety and impact.  From this, you decide what recorded on-hold products you require, how frequently they should change and what message topics should be on each product you order from us, as you order them.   

Once you have selected a list of topics for recording, ONHOLD provides complete ad-copy writing service. Our staff are experts, experienced in writing professional ad-copy. And you approve the final draft. While we write the ad-copy, you always have the final say. Nothing is recorded until you give us final approval.   

ONHOLD is pleased to provide only professional voice talent. You may select a male or female voice for each custom recording, or, for a small additional fee alternate between male and female voice on each recording. Our voice talents are all professional artists, providing voice service to a wide range of theatrical and broadcast projects.

Record & Library

Once you approve the ad-copy text to be recorded and select the voice talent to read it, our producer/engineers work on state-of-the-art, digital workstations to record, edit and balance your messages at audio Redbook, CD quality standards. In our studios, every step of the audio project is handled digitally - never passing through any analog feature  - except when, at your request, the finished product is recorded to cassette. Our state-of-the-art, digital workstations, using digital audio technology assures clean, hi-quality sound -- free of noise and generation sound loss of older studio technologies.

When your recording is completed, it's permanently archived as a stored digital audio file - easily accessible for use if or when needed. It is from these archives that we  make our cost-effective Sweetened Recordings. (See our Products page for more details.)  Best of all, digital archiving retains the pure, hi-fidelity of the original recording so any reuse remains as pure as the day it was recorded.
ONHOLD has a large private library of direct-license music available for use on your Music-Only, Standard or Custom Recording.   "Direct-license" means that, as owners of the copyright, we can license the music, for its intended on-hold use, direct to you. As a result, our music titles are not subject to control or licensing by performance rights societies like ASCAP and BMI. And best of all, our Contemporary Adult Jazz and Winter Holiday selections feature a variety of Northwest Jazz artists for added listening pleasure.


Mix & Copy        

Once your ad-copy has been recorded and archived, our engineers mix the voice tracks and music tracks to make a MixMaster of your new recording.  This MixMaster audio file is then converted to the appropriate audio file type, sample and bit rate you require and copied onto your selected media.  (So that it can play on your player.)

For our multi-branch clients who require extra copies of this MixMaster recording to be sent to each business location, we provide complete duplication and mailing services -- at low costs.


No two businesses are alike and we know that sometimes an ONHOLD recording needs something more -- say, unusual. We do that, too. Our custom services can provide you with everything from sound effects to character voices, to specialty music backgrounds. We've been called on to provide our clients with everything from a vampiress speaking amidst the sounds of Halloween night, to a Valley girl among the surfer music set, to civil war era music underscore. These are radio-style, special services and are custom priced.  For complete details email or call us.

As mentioned elsewhere on our site, ONHOLD is pleased to work with one of the nation's leading language transcription and interpretation companies in providing foreign language recordings.  Whether working from a script already translated or from a script you need translated and recorded in a foreign language, we provide the custom services needed to deliver the finished audio recordings to you - on virtually any medium, for any use.  For complete details email or call us.